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Stop The Looming Plague of Plastic Bags

helpful hint: plastic bags

So our town recently outlawed plastic bags. That’s right – here we are in the middle of a recession – retailers are hurting like crazy and the local government decides to just make it harder for everyone by making people think ahead and have reusable bags with them BEFORE they head the the store. No more impulse purchases – unless of course you want to walk out of the store balancing all of your items in your arms. Well, i guess they at least let us BUY a paper bag for a dime.

Well, personally, I think that its a dumb idea, any kind of government edict to try and get people to chance behavior will likely just annoy people in the end. Of course, on the flip side, every time a government makes a boneheaded move like this, its a golden opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to do something about it.

Need cash? Stand outside your local Target and sell bags for a nickel. Or even better how about a service which rents bags? Remember, as Will Powers (or someone) once famously said “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise”

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