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The Amazing Super Power Of The Blendtec Blender!


So if you read my post on our current diet – I think it might be number 500 – we finally hit a diet that works and works well for both of us – Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Diet. One of the key tenets of that diet is a lot – and he means a whole lot – of greens, mushrooms, onions, beans etc. Most of the diet is vegetables and fruit, and that sometimes gets really boring. If you look at the recipes, however, a tons of them require “a high powered blender” – which seems to be used in every recipe – yes including the ones for cookies, pancakes, brownies, soups and smoothies. So we went on the hunt for a decent blender.

Having scoped out our local Sur La Table, who was pushing either the Vitamix or the Cuisinart (blech – I have never had good luck with anything Cuisinart – which you’ll hear about over time)  just before I was about to pull out my credit card and buy the Vitamix, a wave of sense rolled over me and we decide to do some research.

Internet! What did we do before you? Suffer in anguish terrible purchases? A quick search led us to Blendtec, apparently the blender of choice at Starbucks, possibly Jamba Juice (not 100% sure but it sure looks like them) and of course, the YouTube sensation Will It Blend? (BTW, just in case you are wondering the answer usually is yes)

A few clicks and a few days later, we were the proud owners of a kick ass Blendtec blender. Man, this thing rocks. It’s like a blender designed by engineers – its all pre-programmed with all of these settings and its crazy powerful. It takes almost anything you can throw at is and asks for more. We’ve done most recipes from our diet and it never complains. If you are looking for a blender, this is hands down your best deal. It’s not a cheap ass blender – will run you around $300-$400 but its well worth the price.

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