Welcome To Helpful Hints for Living

A Boy And His Dog

Hi Folks! My name is Chris Future (short for Hristoforos Futuropolous) and welcome to the very first post of “Helpful Hints For Living” – this blog is a joint venture- my wife and I always wanted to put together a blog with, well, basically, helpful tips for living from our own lives. The title “Helpful Hints For Living” came about from a really long session where pretty much every stinking decent title was taken by someone (although I WAS partial to LIVINGWELLINSTANTLY.COM – which is, as of this writing, still available if you want it, we figured that we couldn’t really live well instantly, even thought it appealed to the impatience in me)

But I digress.

As we were throwing around various domain names, we ended up with “Tips For Better Living” which somehow struck a chord in my old noggin – I remember an old sci-fi flick called “A Boy And His Dog” which starred none other than Don Johnson (Yes, he of Miami vice fame) – I distinctly remember that it was set in some kind of post-apocalyptic future where the surface was all wrecked up and there was some kind of weird underground community – I remember that all through the scenes where Don was underground, there woudl be speakers dispensing out little nuggets of wisdom, which were then suffixed with “Another Helpful Hint For Living From” whoever this community was run by.

I searched HelpfulHintsForLiving.com and we held our breath. YES! Not only was the name NOT taken, it had that cool nerd cachet only a few old people like myself who were into cheesy mid seventies sci-fi were into.

Thus is born, HelpfulHintsForLiving.com – which are, of course Helpful Hints For Living, with, I hope a touch of snark, which of course is de rigeur nowadays.

We’ve got a ton of hints in the hopper, on Tech, Food, Health, Kids Green and more – but if you’ve got something for us, please let us know!!!