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One Thing I Learned From My Father

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My best childhood memory was with my dad.  Always daddy’s little girl! My dad worked so hard for the family.  His family arrived in Canada from Japan in the late 1800’s… they were interned in BC, Canada during World War 2 and when the war ended headed to Toronto to start their lives again.  His strong character always believed in helping people.  He believed that you “needed to teach people to fish” and to not “just give them the fish.  This is how I was raised.  I am trying to raise my son this way.  I am not “wise” yet in his eyes…I must earn this…I cannot be wise and be respected for my age or position.  I realize this and thankful I have time…If its not my “wisdom”…. it will be the what I gained being with my dad that my son will gain.  My dad gave me silent strength and my strong belief is doing what is “obligation” and “pleasure”.

Look at your parents…they are either being reflected, admired, examined by you.  Take from them…”good” and “bad” and wear your “make up” well.

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