Canned Young Jackfruit

Canned Young Jackfruit In Brine

Here’s a recent meat substitute for those of your who are tired of soy crumbles – or similar. In the latest issues of Vegetarian Times, they recommended the use of Canned Young Jackfruit in brine as a substitute for meat – we tried their Jackfruit gyro recipe  – we liked the texture of the jackfruit but not that recipe, I’m sure that it would be useful wherever you need to replace the meat with a lower fat, healthier alternative.

Make no mistake – we aren’t vegetarian or vegan, our current diet, which we are doing very well on right now – Joel Fuhrman’s Eat To Live diet is very low in animal proteins, so we are always on the lookout for something that we can use to replace the meat. It’s also low carb as well.

If you are into a low carb diet, stay tuned, we’ve done that diet as well and have some great hints for a low carb pasta which you may not know about!