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Lateral Release and Arthroscopy Knee Surgery

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I recently had a lateral release and arthroscopic surgery on both my knees.  The right one was done in December 2011 just after Christmas and the second one was done a week after Valentines February 2012. The right knee was done first and the recovery is well underway…I’ve had 6 weeks of physiotherapy 2 times a week.    Round 2 for knee #2 for physio is commencing this week.  The second knee feels a lot better than the right.I think its because I know what to expect.  I found that diligent icing of the knees and pain medication is key.

The fact that I couldn’t drive for 4 weeks was a pain.  Depending on others, physio appointments, missed work, frustration and overall fatigue are to be expected.  Go with the flow… realize things will get done later and push yourself everyday that much further.  You are the only one that can pull through this.  Yes support from family and friends helps, but inner strength gets you there.

I can’t wait to get all this behind me.  I have had knee problems for the last 18 years.  After the birth of my son, I developed Osteoarthritis in both my knees.  Moving to California 4 years ago, helped but not enough to stop the degeneration of my knees.

Canadian doctors wanted to replace my knees when I turned 55.  my quality of life suffered and my condition worsened.  Socialized medicine hard at work…NOT!!!

US doctors realized the real problem with my knees and suggested the lateral release and arthroscopic surgery.  So far so good.  The pain is almost gone in my first treated knee and I feel confident that the 2nd will turn out just as good.  I can’t do squats but I can do stairs without feeling like a hammer is hitting my knee with every step.

Get a 2nd opinion and check out reviews and referrals.  Do your homework.  I had a second opinion and the diagnosis was the same but the doctor made the difference.

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  1. Who did your lateral release in the US? I have had this problem for years and just a month ago I was stretching and injured my knee further. My patella constantly tracks to the outside and I am in constant pain! I can barely work. I live near Toronto and would travel to the US to get this done. Who did you see? Thanks.

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