How To Make Money Off Your Library Through

Recycle Your Library

Take a look around – do you really need all of those books? Sure you read them and they look great on the shelf – and seeing them all around you makes you feel smarter doesn’t it? Your friends and family all probably marvel that you’ve read all of those books! But its spring cleaning time and you’re thinking, maybe I can do without a few of those. But before you throw them in the garage sale box, first check out the Amazon Marketplace. You’d be surprised how much you can make back from those dusty tomes

You’ve probably noticed a button which says “Have one to sell – Sell On Amazon” when you are surfing books on Amazon – ┬áif you do, you can list your own books for sale and unlike eBay and those other sites, its costs you nothing to list your books and they even throw in the shipping costs. Beware though that you can sell your book at any price, even a penny, it is usually not worth selling unless they go for at least $2, since Amazon does take a commission on each sale.

Grab a stack of books and a coffee, sit down at your computer, and start searching. Here is a sure fire way of pricing your book so that it sells: price it exactly 2 cents below the lowest price, as long as that price is more than $2 – and the next time someone is looking to buy that book, yours will be sold. You’ll get an email with the details, Amazon will credit your account with the funds and shipping, minus their commission (which is one of the reasons why its not worth selling anything under two dollars)

You never know what you might find: I dug up an old Teenage Mutant Ninjas comic book anthology which sold for $75 (its now worth $100)