Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal

Started the day off early… no time to eat our forbidden rice sludge…Starbucks to the rescue.   Being a former Starbucks barista,  (I would make fun of customers who would devourer “oatmeal” but then again they were older then me…now I’m as old as them.)  I know that this is a “healthy” option for breakfast.    Perfect Oatmeal.  add nuts, dried fruit and even brown sugar, we are eating about 500 calories and getting a start on our daily fiber intake.  You can omit the nuts and fruit and brown sugar…but then it starts to look and taste like quaker instant oatmeal without the sugar.

It was a nice change.  nuts and fruit in almost every spoonful.  Almost too good to be true.  Let the scale yell at me in the morning! or not…



“The most important meal of the day is the first. So why not make it nutritious and delicious? Start the day off right with our warm and hearty Perfect Oatmeal – 100% whole grain goodness made-to-order with your choice of brown sugar, dried fruit and nuts. It’s breakfast just the way you like it.”

via Starbucks® Perfect Oatmeal | Starbucks Coffee Company.