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How To Light Your Way : LED Battery Powered Motion Sensor Lights

I’ve recently become a huge fan of these lights – one day I was just thinking to myself: LED lights are cool because they use so little power, motion sensors are cool because they only go on when they  sense human beings nearby (some of the even cooler ones not only sense motion but also heat, so that you don’t have to flail your arms around every time it goes off when you are in the room – it can sense your body temperature and remain on even if you are just sitting there watching TV or typing up a blog post). Someone should combine these things and while they are at it, make them battery powered so that they can be mounted anywhere, easily in seconds. So of course, someone did it.

There’s a number of different styles, these particular ones are great for outdoor use, they only go on when its dark as well. Others are great for mounting under cabinets, or for lighting dark hallways so you don’t have to flip on any lights if you need to get up and traverse the hallway.

If you as me – this is the future of lighting – compact long lasting easily placeable lighting. Now all we need is some super cool designs and here I come, Dwell Magazine…

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, the Fulcrum 20031-101 is a motion sensor and LED porch light in one compact unit. Equipped with six LEDs, the porch light can detect movement within a 25-foot range and at a 100-degree angle to provide instant security to any area in or around your home. The light also rotates so its cool, bright white light can illuminate all dark areas. To preserve battery power, photocell technology prevents the light from turning on during the daytime. The porch light requires no hardwiring and comes with all necessary mounting hardware. It runs on four C batteries not included.

via Fulcrum 20031-101 Motion Sensor LED Porch Light, Silver: Home Improvement.

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