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How To Eat Healthy At McDonalds

I’d now say that 99% of the menu is now completely off limits since we went on the Eat To Live diet – however if you are in a hurry there is one meal that you can get at Mickey D’s which is not that bad – and is nearly just fine for Eat To Live, plus it’s not that expensive.

All of the sandwiches are a definite no-no – the buns are full of white flour and sugar, and maybe half the smallest burger would hit your meat quotient for the day – don’t even look at the chicken, or anything breaded. Or even the designer salads, those are LOADED with bad stuff…

No, pretty much the only thing you can have at McDonald’s, and we’ve done this is:

the $1 side salad, with Balsamic Vinaigrette. 20 Cals for the salad , 40 cals for the dressing that means dressing and salad together is 60 calories, not bad for a $1 (higher in Canada) – that’s lettuce, tomato, carrot – unfortunately no onions or mushrooms, but what can you expect…?

Since they are only a buck, (slightly higher in Canada) you can order 2 or 3 or even 4 if you are hungry. Other than that, the only other options are the apple slices –

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