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How To Sell Stuff Fast On Amazon

Kitty is sometimes amazed by the rapidity of which stuff we list on Amazon sells, so in the spirit of those kind of ugly and dumb “one neat trick” or “one simple trick” ads – which usually feature an extremely unappealing photo of a person grabbing their flab or something nearly as unsettling, here is a simple trick to getting your stuff to sell fast:

  1. Always price it 2-3 cents below the cheapest already listed used item

Why is this? Well, while Amazon DOES classify the items based on condition, it always shows them first by ALL conditions in order by price. Therefore to ensure that your item will always be at the top of the list, always price it 2-3 cents lower. You’ll find that thing will sell almost immediately when you do that. If they don’t you’ll have to go in at least weekly and review your prices to make sure someone else hasn’t done the same thing to your item.

Man, those ads are ugly.

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