The Best Offline Email Client & Calendar Solution

eM Client

Here is the situation – you use Gmail and are on a plane and would love to have the Outlook style offline experience. You’ve tried pretty much all of the offline email clients but everthing is either too slow, old or kludgey.

I too suffered in silence, looking high and low for a solution. Probably about once every 6 months I’d try again, only to find that really even after all of this time, there really was nothing decent out there.

Finally, after my last brush with losing my draft halfway through writing it due to a crappy internet connection, I came across eM Client. eMClient is the best offline mail and calendar solution I have found, bar none.

Even better – it’s free for a single account – which is perfect for those of us who have all of our mail come in via Gmail – I have 6 email accounts all flowing into my Gmail for free, and now into eMClient.

Highly recommended…go get it now 😉