Cafeteria Food…If You Want To Call it Food

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Cafeteria Food, If You Want To Call It Food

People are sending their children with “prepaid” cards for snacks and lunches to nourish their brains throughout the day.  For $2.75 a meal you get a “meal” that could be balanced if you REALLY try.

What’s on the menu?  Deep fried this or that with dip and sugar laced drink.  What the hell is “breakfast on a stick”?  YICK!

Gone are the days that children sat at the breakfast table and made their breakfast without the aid of a microwave or thaw button.  MMM…

Is there any fruit to go with the salty sugar charged carborific meal that one is to ingest?  No, because joe public does not know the first thing about balance meals.  The government pyramid was doing the public a disservice.  People even that the lettuce and tomato in their burger are actual vegetable servings!!!

Enter the “plate”  proportionate eating compared to other items on plate.  Makes sense but no mention of exercise and if you are a big eater kinda defeats the purpose.

Try to encourage your kids to eat the right foods.  You are only trying to teach them good eating habits.  You are the adult … act accordingly.