You Need A New Laptop: Acer Aspire TimelineX

You Need A New Laptop

Yes, you do.

If your laptop is more than, say, 2 years old, you need a new laptop.¬†Forget¬†the Chromebooks, since you won’t have internet wherever you are. You’re best value and technology can now be found in a netbook. Like this one.

I am typing this blog post right now on the model below – highly recommended super fight and light and even has insane battery life – I’ve been able to get 6-8 hours in regular use – imagine how often you have to plug in your current laptop? This guy is fast and lean, and you can get it in 3 different screen sizes – personally as a road warrior I prefer the smallest, lightest screen, but with a dual core i7 its powerful enough to edit video and audio. If I have any complaint its that my own eyesight sometimes fails me – but you know, that’s what the zoom button in Chrome is for..

The next-generation of Acers popular “all day computing” lineup, the 11.6-inch Aspire TimelineX 1830 model AS1830T-68U118 is an ultra-portable powerhouse that weighs just over 3 pounds yet packs in a full-size keyboard and ultra-low voltage Intel Core 17 dual-core processing–with 4-way multitasking processor power to work on four tasks simultaneously.

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