How To Use Bean Coffee On The Cheap : A Sub $50 Burr Grinder

$25 Burr Grinder

As a coffee fan, you need a burr grinder – those cheapo blade grinders that you see simply chop and heat the beans, thus changing/ruining the taste. Why buy really good coffee beans and then subject them to a crappy grinder? I mean that’s like washing your new car with a dirty old washcloth.

But you say – burr grinders, while better, are a lot more expensive! Not so, i say – we saw this little guy at Target about 2 years ago and its still around the same price.

Don’t listen to the negative reviews: this is a pretty nice grinder for the price, the grind comes out perfect for cone drip coffee. We use is daily on the Blue Bottle and it turns out great.

Dial adjusts so you can set the texture exactly how you want – from very fine Turkish blend to coarse percolator grind. Dual safety mechanism ensures that unit will not operate unless top cover is closed and ground coffee receptacle is in place.

via Black & Decker CBM210 Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Mill/Grinder: Kitchen & Dining.


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