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How To Save Money From Junk Mail

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Junk mail comes through our mailbox almost everyday.  URGH!!!  but wait…how do you know if you are shopping at the right store if you never look at what they have to offer.  To save money you need to invest some time and effort to know that you are getting the best deals.  All deals are NOT found at Costco

Saving money on your groceries and household items is easier than you think.  Key to saving money on groceries is sales.  Sign up for online flyers for your local grocery stores.  Buy the Sunday paper for all the local store flyers. Check your mailbox mid week for grocery flyers.

Open safe junk in your inbox.  Maybe you signed up or this at the store and forgot.  I have coupons from DSW and Barnes and Noble on a weekly basis.  When you are at the store, search your phone email with keyword search to get the coupon.  Just knowing you saved the tax is enough to give you satisfaction and more $ in your pocket.

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