One Of The Best Cough & Cold Remedies

One Of The Best Cough & Cold Remedies

I have a cold. A pretty bad one actually. And I’ve been to the doctor and got my prescription of antibiotics in order to attempt to get better. But in the meantime, while the anti-biotics are doing their magic, I still need some kind of immediate relief. OTC to the rescue!

Ever since the taxman took a big chunk of our savings 🙁 , we’ve been going to Walmart more often, and this remedy fits the bill and is a good price – last we checked it was $2.34 – its got all the usual suspects:

  • Acetaminophen – (Tylenol) for pain
  • Phenylephrine HCI – for sinus pressure
  • Gualfenesin  – for chest congestion

Yes, it has the dreaded G word in there – you know that horrible tasting thing. They put “Cool Blast” flavor into the capsules but it still like Airwick over garbage.

This was a good choice for my cold, congestion and pain – but we aren’t doctors, so please talk to your medical practitioner before you take anything. Just saying it worked for me – as long as you keep to the schedule of 2 caps every four hours as per the directions.

PS: There’s only about 600Mg of Tylenol in a dose so we throw in a 500Mg Tylenol to help me out on that front. Add that to my antibiotic and put it all in a little cup, I’m getting flash forwards that I’m in some kind of old folks home already!