Great Dictation Software – Dragon Dictate Home 12

dragonDictation software has certainly come a long way in the last couple of years.

Here is a little gem that will make your life easier if you do a lot of writing and or blog posting. I’ve been thinking about buying this for a while but I’ve been hesitating because I didn’t know what the quality of the dictation would be like but I finally bit the bullet and picked it up. Our local Fry’s Electronics actually had it on sale for $65 with a $20 rebate that ended up being about 40 bucks which is a great deal for something that should save me a heck of a lot of time in fact this blog post itself is being dictated by DragonDictate right now and I am going to take a look at the post and see how many actual corrections I need to make and let you know the bottom of post how accurate it actually ended up being. This should save you a lot of time if you do a lot of writing and reporting it doesn’t work that well for note taking. I was reading a giant report and trying to take notes and it didn’t work that well but if you’re more of a stream of consciousness person then it should work fine for you.

Ok – so I dictated the paragraph above and this is what I got:

1 – extra word, 7-errors, so 8 errors in a post of 218 words equals about 4%.