Should You Upgrade To Windows 8?



The short answer is, it depends. Microsoft has made some enormous changes to the interface of Windows with Windows 8. It appears to me that they basically decided to change its operating system around for the future. I mean this is what they seem to do all the time: they basically look at what the hardware is going to be a little ways out and redesign their software for that time frame.

And in their infinite wisdom, they have decided that touchscreens are in. Not just for tablets, but for laptops as well. So they really designed Windows 8 to be more of an operating system for touchscreen laptops and tablets.

Gone is the start menu. Now in order to get back to the start menu,you will find yourself using the Windows key a lot more. Especially if you don’t have a touchscreen laptop, which most likely you don’t.

Couple days after Windows 8 came out I decided to take one of my laptops and upgraded it to Windows a because it was only 49 bucks. I said, let me try this out and see what it’s like and I got a tell you it’s taking me a while to get used the interface. I don’t really like it.

Get ready for a bit of a steep learning curve. They’ve designed this operating system for touchscreens. If you are planning on purchasing a new laptop, more than likely it will come with Windows 8 pre-installed, because that is what Microsoft has decided to do. If that is the case then you may wish to look at one of the new touchscreen laptops that are coming out there are number of models not too expensive there’s some Acer some Asus a number of different models that are sub thousand dollars that a not only laptops they are also touchscreen.

Let me give you an example in order to get to the settings section you can either move the mouse into the upper right-hand corner and a menu will pop out, or swipe in from the right side of the screen assuming you have a touchscreen monitor. It is much much easier to swipe in than it is to move the mouse up the corner. Microsoft, sensing that they had a problem here with people getting ready access to this to apps, put in a quick start menu in the bottom left-hand corner if you move the mouse to bottom left-hand corner and click right mouse then you get a quick access menu to bunch different things.

I guess this is basically there decision to replace the start menu with this little device here but I find it’s very difficult to use and it’s very painful so those of you who are not extremely technical may have an issue using that.

The bottom line is, if you have Windows 7, stick with it. If you have anything prior to Windows 7 then it’s probably good idea to upgrade, if you can handle the new interface. And like I said if you don’t have a laptop right now are you looking to upgrade your current laptop, it would be a good idea to look at the touchscreen laptops that are out there today. They simply work better with Windows 8.