A New Column: 45Up

fitoverfiftyYes – we are all getting older. It seems that some of us may be getting older faster than others. About a month ago, I met up with an old friend and ex-colleague of mine who I always used to think was so incredibly fit: he was my age, my height, my nationality but was so much more fit that I was because he was very athletic in high school. I hadn’t seen him in a few years and figured that he was still at the top of his game. Well, turns out he’s got back and foot issues – since he is nearing 50 like we are.

Turns out I guess that no one in indestructible, I saw my brother at Christmastime and he – who had always been a stickler for remaining lean and mean – had put on a few pounds around the middle and wasn’t exercising as much as he used to.

So, getting older is something we all have to deal with – especially those of us young folks 45 and up who are starting to get those AARP letters in the mail and are saying, who me? No way.

Hence our new column 45Up, where we talk about getting older, health and wellness for folks like us. Also, for those of us with aging parents, how to help and what to do. Support and guidance, and all that great stuff!