How To Bust The Clutter, One Stack At A Time


We have encountered clutter at our house at alarming rates.  This is NOT our house, but it’s a picture people can relate to.  Too much paper, lost items and feeling overwhelmed.

Lately, we have started to de-clutter every weekend.  We take four hours every Sunday to tackle a room in the house.  You can start with one hour or even a dresser drawer.  In our bedroom we managed to remove four big bags of clothing for Goodwill, reclaim the fireplace and have a fire by the end of the day.  If you have left it too long it will take time and the mess while cleaning up and sorting does gets worst before it gets better.  By getting your rooms to maintaining “stuff”, you have control of the situation and will appreciate the organized drawers and wardrobes too.

Great stress reliever

Don’t wait for spring… start clutter busting now!