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If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

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After reading a post on one of our favorite blogs, Zen Habits, on how to make it impossible to fail, we were looking for a new electric toothbrush for myself at Target.  There was a baby blue Oral-B Professional 1000 on sale for $48, but there was also a pink one (my favorite, of course) at full price. Only the blue one was on sale; the pink one was $65, but other than they were exactly the same toothbrush.

So we decided to take them both to the checkout and asked if we could have the pink one at the same price as the reduced blue one.  The cashier called someone over. They looked at it. They called someone else over. They looked at them. No one could find a difference between them besides the color, but they scanned at different prices. They hummed and hawed, and one said the pink one was the newest one.  We basically just stood there and let them talk amongst themselves (this is one of those situations where it actually helps your case just to stand there and wait for them to make a decision), and after a few minutes of deliberation, they agreed that we could have the one we wanted for the same price.

In the end, we saved 30% !  and by using our Target Visa, an additional 5%

I’m not sure why people don’t just ask. Sure, there is a chance that they would have said no, and we would have happily paid the full price – but if we didn’t ask, we never would have known.

As they say, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Next time, just ask!

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