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All of our columns here on Helpful Hints For Living: Interested in joining in as a writer? Check here…

  • Money & Investing – tips on what to do with that hard earned cash – how to keep more of it, and interesting things to do with it which will hopefully get you a return.
  • Garage Startup – yep – just like Jobs & Woz, we started our company hellofuture llc, in a garage, and we are still here! Trials, tribulations and tips on working from home. Everything from setting up your office
  • Fun – movies, TV and other entertainment. We don’t watch a lot of TV so the stuff we do watch is pretty good.
  • Food – yum! Unfortunately for our waistlines  we love food. We’ve been through a number of diets and lately we’ve been eating Paleo, hope you’ll join us. Plus you’ll probably see some of this food (and recipes below) on our sister blog, PaleoBunker.
  • Recipes – any cool recipes we’d like to share from the above
  • Home – having to do with the home, outside of the home office
  • Health – trying to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Tech – the coolest gadgets to make your life better. Chris is an uber techie, and Kitty’s been known as “Technowoman” in the past so they aren’t too shabby when it comes to tech. Helps to live in Silicon Valley too…
  • Kids – we got kids – you got kids – dealing with kids, and teenagers. Oh boy. Yes, we have 3 boys, as of January 28th, 2013, all teenagers. I can hear you saying “yikes” right now.
  • Green – tips on living a more environmentally friendly life
  • 45Up – dealing with getting older

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