Movie Review: The Hobbit

Having read the Hobbit about a million years ago, I didn’t remember much about the book – my kid however had just read it and were very impressed. I was impressed as well. I think I can safely say that off all of the books which have been made into movies, this one may be the only one that not only stayed more true to the book than any others, but also added new material which melding in perfectly. A great film – highly recommended…


Movie Review: Chronicle

Great movie. Go see it.

That was short eh? Here is the story: three teens, all with various issue of their own, discover an alien device which gives them telekinetic powers. I’m not going to go in to too much detail here since I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I have to say that its incredibly real. Also, it’s completely built in the found footage style of Blair Witch Project – they cleverly always explain how the found footage is captured – also a very interesting statement on how pervasive video capture has become. Almost any device can now capture video, and any and all devices which capture video are used here.

I have a few issues with the story later on, but it mostly rings true – and definitely leaves you wanting a sequel, which after you watch the ending, you’ll be trying to figure out.

How To Get A Workout At The Movies

Movie Workout

My kids and I used to have a ritual – actually two rituals. If there was some movie that they wanted to see we would get up really early on Sunday morning and pile into the car, drive to the movie theater in the mall and catch the latest pic they wanted to see – lately since they are getting older its usually fun for me too. Being the cheap dad that I am, the first weekend showing is even cheaper than the rest of the matinees, we used to get in for 6 bucks a head, now it’s 6.50. Still a great deal when you add it all up. don’t even get me started on 3D and XD. Next time.

We’d also, on other days, bike to the nearest park and hang out there for a while, swinging on the play structure – yes – even adults can get some pullups in on the monkey bars you know.

One day, I had a brain wave: I calculated the distance to the park and Google Mapped out the distance to the mall. Guess what – pretty much the same. So now we combine it – we get up even earlier and jump on our bikes for an early morning ride to the theater, catch a movie, grab lunch and head back. It’s a great way to insert fitness into your, and your kids, life.