Here’s A Painless Dinner Idea

Broccoli Soup

When we purchased our new blender “Blendtec” off Amazon for $500…we wondering if we were going to suffer from buyers remorse.  All the “easy and wonderful” recipes awaited experimentation.  We started with smoothies…orange ones, blue ones, green ones, until the fruit bowl was empty….now what?…

Dinner time meant lamenting over what to make.  We decided on soup given the fact that the organic farmer dumped another 20lbs of raw materials on our stoop.  (regular occurrence on a weekly basis).  We started chopping and roasting and before you knew it it was time to test the blender with the soon  to be hot lava.  it blended beautifully…only drawback was the horrible noise in the process.

MMM vegetarian soup without the pain of being tasteless.  The recipe calls for no milk products.  The soup does however, looks really creamy.  Healthy, tasty, comfort food.