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Dyeing Easter eggs in a family fun and safe way

Although we haven’t done eggs in a while – our kids are a bit too old for this kind of Easter fun – here are some great tips on dyeing eggs. Personally, we celebrate Orthodox Easter, which is only the same time as Catholic Easter every 4 times, this year its in May. On Orthodox Easter, we dye eggs too, but only in red, and we use this crazy dye we can only get from our local Mediterranean market, which requires boiling in the dye.

The warmer weather means one thing: Spring will soon be here! And that means that Easter is only a few days away. Are you planning an egg hunt for your family this year? Normally, when we think of egg hunts, we think of young children. But many families continue this tradition even after their young children become teens and young adults. After all, what’s more fun than an egg hunt? And you only do it once a year, making it special.If you havent colored eggs for an egg hunt in a while, consider doing it this year. It doesn’t take a lot of time. Schedule a time when your kids or grandkids can help out, making it more fun. Use egg dyes or regular food coloring and follow package directions. Since the dyes and food colorings could stain your countertop, make sure that you protect it with paper towels or newspapers.

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